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Radburn is a beautiful place to live and call home. A supportive community. Many generations living together and sharing our beautiful green space..

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Ryokuen Toshi, Japan
The Radburn Association Sister Community

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In the last half of the 20th century, Radburn was visited and studied by architectural students from Columbia University and other institutions, many of whom were from Japan.  The concept found roots in Japan, and Ryokuentoshi (Green Garden City) was founded in Yokohama. Since people in Radburn homes live quite close to each other, the Japanese found this concept a good fit – as they are a large population living in a limited space.
An Agreement of Friendship was signed in 1991 and hangs proudly in the Grange office.
Some of our landmarks have been recreated in Ryokuen -  particularly our Howard Avenue tunnel and our Summerhouses.  One major difference is the ratio of houses to apartments.  While the home to apartment ratio in Radburn is around 80/20, the situation in Ryokuen is the reverse, with apartments forming the majority of residences.  This is necessitated by the high cost of real estate in Japan and the need to maximize occupancy on the land available. 
Private homes in Ryokuen can cost in excess of $850,000, and homes located on what is called “Dream Street” can go for a million or more.  These are constructed with materials sourced in the U.S.
Occasionally, Radburn residents have been able to visit Ryokuen, and they are always treated as friends, with receptions, tea ceremonies, parties and guided tours.  Our most recent visitor, Mr. Fuminobo Negishi, was instrumental in reviving the letter exchange program between Radburn School and the Ryokuen Higashi elementary school.  We look for a long and friendly association with the people of Ryokuentoshi in the years to come.
Jeff DeVries
November 11, 2020

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