The Radburn Association

A Town for the Motor Age



November 16, 2017


Dear Member:

Please accept this as notice to the Members of The Radburn Association of their right pursuant to The Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act (“PREDFA”) to nominate themselves or to nominate other individual Members in good standing to stand for election in the next election for the Board of Trustees of The Radburn Association.  Please note that in order to be eligible to nominate another Member or to be nominated, you must be in good standing as defined in PREDFA.  If you are uncertain whether you or your nominee are in good standing, please feel free to contact me at 201-796-1300.

Nomination or self-nomination of a Member in good standing requires that you: (1) complete and return The Radburn Association Board of Trustees Nominee Informational Form, which can be obtained from the Manager or from The Radburn Association website, OR (2) submit a petition signed by Members owning a minimum of fifty (50) Units (as defined in the By-Laws of The Radburn Association) along with the printed names and addresses and date of all Members signing the petition.  The Nominee Informational Form or the petition, as the case may be, must be delivered to the Manager no later than December 5, 2017.

Please be aware that in accordance with PREDFA and the By-Laws of The Radburn Association, if a particular Unit is owned by more than one individual, only one of those individuals may serve as a Trustee at any given time.   

We look forward to having many Members of The Radburn Association participate in governance and encourage your involvement.


David F. Bostock, Manager


Go to the Residents Area to find a copy of the Nomination form available for download.