The Plaza Building Fire

The fire at the Plaza Building has been devastating to so many people on so many levels! We have received calls from former Radburn residents all over the country and from professionals and students who love Radburn - everyone is mournful about the loss of the southeast wing of this grand old building.

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Many of our grown children remember asking if they could "go to town" to Gorlin's in the Plaza Building to buy candy (we in Radburn lived "in the country"!). We're lost without Strehl's pharmacy, the deli and the liquor store. The barber and Tai Kwon Do are closed, and Picolo Italia and our new Russian Café and grocery store will also be missed. Columbia Bank has done a very good job of keeping everyone informed, and even had shuttle buses at the Grange to transport customers who do not drive to its other branches. The tenants who had offices above the stores have suffered a serious setback.

The owner of the building, Dr. Alex Cocoziello, has assured us that it is his wish to restore the building. At this time, structural engineers have been retained to assess the integrety of the building. The Radburn Association does have architectural control of the site, as it does of each of our residential properties. We will be working with the Ives Group of architects, which has been retained by the owner, hopefully sooner rather than later, to ensure the design integrity.

At this time, the Manager is marshaling forces at the Historic Trust at both the state and federal levels in an effort to secure applications for any funding and tax incentives available. Congressman Rothman has indicated that he will make every effort to support these applications. It is our understanding that Assemblyman Ahearn has been helpful in providing support to the displaced tenants and their employees. As the extent of this damage becomes known, we will be reaching to our community of residents, as well, and we are confident that you will respond.